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Services - Website Hosting

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* Please note that hosting packages are only available in conjuction with a web site design order.

Your web site has to sit on a hard disk on a computer that is permanently connected to the internet so that your web site is accessible all of the time. This is known as hosting.

Your web site is located by using a domain name, such as, which points to the computer your site is located on.

We can register a new domain name for you, if required.

We offer the following hosting packages:

Cost: 75/year (brochure site) or 125/year (eCommerce/database site)
Amount of web space:
Email: Up to 5 pop3 boxes or forwarding (about email)

Alternatively, you may already have your own domain name. If this is the case and you wish us to host your site, it will be necessary to transfer the name to our hosts name server.

For affordable domain registration and website hosting together with reliable service and support, we recommend Netmotivated or WiserHosting:

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